Pathways to Communication is a group of professionals dedicated to identifying each child’s unique communication strengths and challenges.

Darcy Kelley

We believe this requires extensive training of the individual professionals of our group in a variety of therapeutic treatment approaches. We strive to effectively identify and implement a cohesive treatment approach tailored to each child that crosses our path.

We cannot make a child fit us; we must fit the child.To achieve this, our unique group of highly and diversely trained clinicians establishes and builds a great deal of interaction and trust between each child and their family. Our approach involves integrating creative treatment methods into each interaction with each child. We strive for excellence in what we do and welcome questions, phone interviews, and reviews of our post graduate education and certifications (e.g. PROMPT, NDT, Hanen Training, etc.).

We Provide Services For The Following Conditions:

  • ► Language Disorders
  • ► Dyspraxia
  • ► Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • ► Articulation Disorders
  • ► Sensory Processing Disorders
  • ► Feeding and Swallowing Disorders
  • ► Cognitive Disorders
  • ► Fluency Disorders
  •